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    Timeline & Installation Process

Your custom countertop installation will follow a somewhat predictable timeline, but a few key decisions and actions on your part are necessary to keep the process moving forward as scheduled.

It's helpful to understand the sequence of events in a typical granite installation project. This timeline example focuses on the installation of kitchen countertops, but the process is the same or similar for most installations.

STEP 1:  Select Granite and Edge Design
Visit our showroom or browse our online granite selection and edge details. To give an accurate free estimate of your kitchen or project, we can measure your project before or after you visit our showroom.

STEP 2:  Order Granite
Once you place a deposit, A & D Stoneworks will order your stone. Three to four days later your granite will arrive at our warehouse. We will call you to visit again for your final approval on your selection.

STEP 3:  Template Countertops
We will schedule a time for A & D Stoneworks to visit your home to template the project. In the templating process, we make a pattern of your countertop layout. The dimensions of your kitchen sink, faucet and every kitchen appliance must be known prior to installing granite countertops. Seam placement will be discussed at this time. Remember to clear off your existing countertops before we arrive!

STEP 4:  Schedule an Installation Date
Typically, your counter top installation will occur approximately three weeks after you finalize your choices and pay your deposit--so plan ahead.

STEP 5:  Fabrication
A & D Stoneworkswill custom cut your countertop material to size along with the edge design.

STEP 6:  Tear Out
If your project requires that we tear out and remove your existing countertops, we will do so at time of installation.

STEP 7: Installation Day
At installation, we ask that you prepare by clearing the work area of any objects and clear a path for our installers to carry in the granite. The installation phase can take the better part of a day, depending upon the size of the project. Please keep in mind that this is a remodeling job and there may be some residual dust. We recommend the drawers be removed. Items under cooktop and sink cabinet should be removed to allow access.

Job Completion:
Your inspection of the finished job is very important. A & D Stoneworks will review the installation with you, answer any questions you may have and ask that you sign a simple satisfaction form. We will request final payment at this time.


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