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A simple Straight edge or 
edge will compliment 
Urban Contemporary or
Traditional kitchen with clean lines and smooth surfaces.

A Bevel edge adds a lot of
dimension to the overall 
look of the countertop and
will make it perfectly
finished. This type of edge
will also look great in an
Art Deco interior.

Round edge details and the Bullnose styles work with 
almost any design, although 
it is a more
Modern style.

If the style of your kitchen 
is more
Formal, consider the beautiful Ogee edge.

Decorative edges in the 
Ogee style look great with 
French Country or  

    Edge Details

Donít overlook that edge detail that will give your natural stone countertop or bathroom vanity the 
finishing touch. 

We offer a choice of  many different edge details that will suit any taste and style. Consider the overall style of your kitchen or bathroom when selecting an edge.  

Basic Edges
Standard Eased   Top Round
Premium Edges
Top & Bottom Round Top & Bottom Bevel
Bevel Hollywood Bevel
Half Bullnose Demi Bullnose
Full Bullnose Ellipse
Exclusive Edges
Ogee Dupont
Cove Ogee Platner
Waterfall Chiseled
AGS Bevel  

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